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At Powder N Shine we appreciate good wines that are matched with delicious food. It was one of the things we were determined to provide when we set up the company.

Initially, we selected all our wines from the same local producer, but we have since broadened our horizons to present wines from all over France (and, controversially, we do serve one Italian and one Spanish wine as well this year).

We feel that this gives a nice broad range of styles, ages and grape varieties that will be conversation-worthy at the table. Whilst not every single one may be to everybody’s taste (this is unavoidable when serving 12 different wines), we trust the guests will enjoy the majority and appreciate the time and energy that has gone into selecting these wines.

Some of the wines we serve in the chalet are as follows:


Domaine de l’Idylle – Cruet, Vieilles Vignes

Le Versant – Viognier

Domaine de Cibadiès – Chardonnay


Monastier – Shiraz

Château Goumin – Bordeaux

Château Vincens – Malbec


For those of you who prefer beer, who have this available in our chalets along with soft drinks including Orangina, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Tonic Water which are available from our honesty bar.

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